Dedicated to preserving Santa Barbara’s historic architecture, landscapes and cultural heritage.

The Board of Directors

Steve Dowty, President

Christine Neuhauser, Vice President

I always enjoyed the Historic House Tours hosted by the Pearl Chase Society. But my interest in the Society increased as I watched Kellam de Forest often take the podium as a public commenter during different review board meetings. The first time I attended his Preservation meeting for the Pearl Chase Society was to talk about Santa Barbara’s Average Unit Density (AUD)program, which has been the (gateway to so much overbuilding we are experiencing today.

Since his passing, I have taken on more preservation work as a member of the board, and—following his example—I now write the column, “Preservation Watch,” where he communicated so well. It is a time-consuming labor of love that allows me to be a good steward, protecting something that others have protected for decades.

Dennis Whelan, Secretary

As an undergraduate Art major at UC Santa Barbara, I was inculcated with an appreciation of Architectural History by Professor David Gebhard. He opened my eyes to the singular beauty of Santa Barbara, and its incumbent history of place through seminal people such as Pearl Chase. It has been my goal and pleasure as a Board Member to bring attention to her deeds and actions as well as make my own contribution to this community we all love so much.

Nate Cultice, Treasurer

Patti Ottoboni, Historian

Board Members

Emma Brinkman

As I watched Santa Barbara and, more specifically, my own historical neighborhood changing into a place more like Los Angeles, I became more involved with the Pearl Chase Society. Previously I supported projects like the preservation of the sandstone altar rails on the Riviera. I have publicly expressed my opposition to the overbuilding on small city lots which results in privacy loss to neighboring properties. Joining an advocacy group such as the Pearl Chase Society allows me the opportunity to keep Santa Barbara the special place it is.

Tina Foss

I am a founding member. I remember attending our first meetings at the Rochin Adobe back in the day.

Maureen Masson

Kitty Peri

Cheri Rae

As an active preservationist in my own historic Bungalow Haven neighborhood, I have long been inspired by the work of Pearl Chase and the society named for her. I am pleased to serve with an organization that respects her work in the past and is committed to addressing the issues of today so that in the future, Santa Barbara remains the jewel she envisioned and would continue to recognize.  

Claudia Schou

As an avid supporter of historic preservation, I enjoy working with neighborhood associations to preserve the past–a passion that developed from time owning and restoring historic homes in Southern California. I am thrilled to serve on the Pearl Chase Society board with like-minded peers.

Members Emeriti

Sue Adams

Bob Baum

Roger Horton

Barbara Lowenthal