April 25, 2017

Put a Moratorium on New AUD Development Applications Pending Evaluations of the Program.

The Board of the Pearl Chase Society, whose mission is the preservation of Santa Barbara’s historic structures and sites, respectfully requests that acceptance of new Average Unit Density Incentive Program (AUD) projects by the Planning Department be halted pending evaluation of the Program which, as of February 2, 2017, there are 1,238 units in the pipeline. Of the 67 projects currently being reviewed, 18 propose four story structures over 45 feet tall. The cumulative impact of multi-story apartment houses to Santa Barbara’s historic structures and neighborhoods has not been fully evaluated. A moratorium would allow time for evaluation especially as […]
March 28, 2017

Preserving the Past at the Fernald House

by Hattie Beresford In 1852, a discouraged 22-year-old Downeaster by the name of Charles Fernald boarded a ship and abandoned San Francisco. He had come searching for gold in 1849 and left with a law degree but little else. When the steamer Ohio reached Santa Barbara, he disembarked for a short visit with friends. Instead, he ended up staying 40 years. Charles had arrived in a Santa Barbara beset by outlaws and vigilantism. His friends quickly recruited the 23-year-old to take on the vacant job of sheriff, a position that clearly was not for the feint of heart since two […]
January 20, 2017

Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge Over Mission Creek

  It has been brought to the Pearl Chase Society:s attention that the temporary pedestrian bicycle bridge over Mission Creek between the Lighthouse Building on Cabrillo Boulevard and the ocean was voted by the City Council to be made permanent. This utilitarian prefabricated bridge was plunked down across Mission Creek to provide pedestrian and bicycle transit while the new Cabrillo Boulevard bridge was under construction. Despite the fact that the new Cabrillo bridge is designed to be wide enough to accommodate pedestrians, bicycles and trolleys, City staff recommended to the City Council that the temporary bridge be made permanent to […]
November 14, 2016

Honoring Kellam de Forest

On Saturday, November 12, more than 60 people came out to Arnoldi’s to celebrate our longtime supporter, board member, and friend Kellam de Forest as he marked his 90th birthday. The event was also a fundraiser to help support an exhibition at the Smithsonian, which features Kellam’s father and famed landscape architect Lockwood de Forest. “I want to thank all those who attended the birthday party in my honor at Arnoldi’s for their good wishes and support. Also, thanks to those who sent me cards, Facebook messages and emails. I am honored to be part of the Pearl Chase Society, […]