Save Santa Barbara: Sign the Petition to put a moratorium on the Average Unit Density Incentive Program (AUD).

All over Santa Barbara, AUD projects seem to get approval with little consideration of their impact to neighborhoods and historical resources. The Board of the Pearl Chase Society, whose mission is the preservation of Santa Barbara’s historic structures and sites, respectfully requests that acceptance of new AUD projects by the Planning Department be halted pending evaluation of the Program.

The cumulative impact of multi-story apartment houses to Santa Barbara’s historic structures and neighborhoods has not been fully evaluated. A moratorium would allow time for evaluation especially as to whether the resulting apartments actually will provide housing for the city’s workforce. Also, the Society recommends that any revised AUD ordinance allow project denial to any project that compromises a historic resource or is incompatible with the surrounding neighborhood even if the project otherwise conforms to the ordinance and to zoning.

Save Sant Barbara Petition


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