December 16, 2015

Saving Franceschi House From Demolition

Santa Barbara, CA September 16, 2015 The Pearl Chase Society has launched a petition drive to save Franceschi House from demolition. UPDATE: The petition drive reached its goal of over 1,000 signatures! Thank you. The story of Santa Barbara’s Franceschi House is one of American dreams: immigrant success, strong family ties, extreme wealth, respect for history, good intentions, poor execution, and benign neglect. All within four decades. The two major figures of the House saga – Francesco Franceschi and Alden Freeman – each contributed his own interesting personal history to the story. Originally built by the immigrant Franceschi family in 1905, […]
December 15, 2015

Complete Rehabilitation of the Structure of Merit Franceschi House

At the June 23, 2015 City Council meeting the Pearl Chase Society mutually ended its collaboration with the Department of Parks & Recreation for the complete rehabilitation of the Structure of Merit Franceschi House within Franceschi Memorial Park. In spite of a serious joint effort and much public input during the previous decade, neither private nor public funding could be identified to initiate the resulting Franceschi Park Master Plan. The Society at the June City Council meeting presented the history of its long cooperation with – and financial support of – City projects. Society President Barbara Lowenthal reiterated that any […]
August 26, 2015

Pearl Chase Society to the Rescue!

By Cheri Rae By now it’s no secret to citizens all over town that the historic Italian Stone Pines are suffering from the combined effects of the drought, a beetle infestation and the intrusion of modern life into their living space. Five of the trees have died in the last year, and were recently removed for public safety. The remaining City Landmark trees that form their distinctive cooling canopy have been stressed for far too long, and the Pearl Chase Society has decided to do something about it. The Society recently donated $14,560 to the City of Santa Barbara for […]