October 30, 2017

Presidential Trysts: The President’s Daughter

From the October Capital by Rick Closson “It seems to me that a leading question ought to be: do the American people want a common libertine for their president?” As topical as this question may seem, it’s not a quote from the recent campaign despite what you may think. It’s the lead sentence from a 2013 article in Smithsonian Magazine referring to a 19th century American election. The paragraph concludes, “So wrote a preacher from Buffalo, New York, to the editor of the Chicago Tribune on the eve of the 1884 presidential election.” The then-candidate (and ultimately, president – twice) […]
August 16, 2017

Pearl Chase Society to Appeal AUD Project at 800 Santa Barbara St.

The Pearl Chase Society and the Santa Barbara Conservancy request an appeal to the City Council of the referenced HLC decision. The grounds for this appeal is that the proposed project design does not conform to the El Pueblo Viejo Guidelines; the proposed project impacts historic resources, especially the Presidio and its historic environs; and the project’s proposed site location, within the EPV district, is not appropriate for the intended high-density multi-residential use. The project is within close proximity to the city’s historic core. The adjacent block to the southwest includes the Santa Barbara History Museum, the Meridian Studios and […]
August 16, 2017

Annual Meeting News and Notes

Society News & Notes by Kelly Mahan Herrick It was a great turnout at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Pearl Chase Society, which took place on July 6 at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. Dozens of PCS members came out to enjoy appetizers and wine from Arnoldi’s, and to hear a recap of the Society’s latest accomplishments, as well as an entertaining presentation from historian Betsy Green. President Steve Dowty began the meeting by formally voting in board members Marcella Simmons, Chris Hoehner, and Cole Cervantes. Simmons is a local real estate agent with Village Properties, and Hoehner spends […]
August 16, 2017

Franceschi House Tour

by Steve Dowty, PCS Board President The PCS Board of Directors’ meeting for June was held on the grounds of the Franceschi House. The Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department gave a very informative tour. Director Jill Zachary, along with George Thomson and Santos Escobar, explained the current conditions of the building and grounds, and what was being done to address various concerns on structural deterioration and public safety. Last year the City Council directed a joint SBP&R Department and PCS team to come up with a plan for the Franceschi House. Team meetings have been held, which have led […]